Attitude is Transformed by Understanding

Story of the Day for Friday November 11, 2011

Attitude is Transformed by Understanding

                      My God transforms my darkness into light. 

                                                         Psalm 18:28

 Mark Mayfield, in the book Humor Me, talks of a time he stopped at the dry cleaners on the way to the airport. He needed his shirts, but when he picked them up, one shirt still had a stain and the other was ironed poorly.

Mark began yelling at the owner – claiming his shirts were unacceptable and challenged the owner to tell him what he was going to do about it.

The owner calmly replied, “You’re absolutely right. We’re 100% at fault here.” Then he added, “I know the lady who cleaned these shirts and there is only one thing we can do. We’ll shoot her. It’s my mom and I’m gonna miss her, but we gotta do it.”

The owner’s response was so zany that Mark wasn’t able to stay mad at him. After they laughed about the incident, somehow, Mark’s world didn’t seem quite as dark as it did when he walked into the dry cleaners.


Our disposition is entirely affected by our understanding of what is happening.

For example, if we believe we exist in a random universe – without meaning or purpose – despair is the proper reaction. If life holds no hope, we ought to be depressed.

But, if we believe that God, in some incomprehensible way, is undoing the mess we’ve made of life and is drawing us back into his love, then everything changes. The gloomy darkness fades away.

Jesus was not called light of the world for nothing.


Our attitude to life depends on what we believe is happening.

I read a story, and although I can’t verify its accuracy, it, nevertheless, illustrates my point:

On a non-stop flight from Seattle to Atlanta, the captain announced that there was a medical emergency on board and that they would be making an emergency stop in Denver. As soon as the plane landed, the medical crew came on board. An elderly man was taken off the plane.  The incident took an hour and a half, and the pilot announced that passengers would be missing connecting flights from Atlanta.

Passengers groaned.

Then the captain came back on the intercom: “Ladies and gentlemen, I thought you might be interested to know that the elderly gentleman who was taken off the plane was a Marine in World War II, and was awarded the Medal of Honor.” The pilot continued,  “I realize we’ve all been inconvenienced today. However, this gentleman was a war hero and inconvenienced for four years in order that we might experience the freedoms we enjoy today. I thought you all should know that.”

Immediately, the airplane burst into applause.


Why did the applause drown out the groans at the announcement of the flight delay? Perspective. Attitude is transformed by understanding.

                                          (copyright by and by Marty Kaarre)