How to Make Hubert Humphrey Invisible

Story of the Day for Wednesday August 15, 2012 


 How to Make Hubert Humphrey Invisible



                The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers so that they don’t see the light of the glorious good news of Christ . . . 

                                         2 Corinthians 4:4   (mck)



Hubert Humphrey is the patron saint of politicians to Minnesotans.  As an influential senator, and former vice-president, he was wildly popular in his home state.

Once, while travelling with a friend, Humphrey stopped at a gas station to use the rest room.  Humphrey’s friend gazed at a tour bus as it pulled into the gas station.  Immediately, he hatched a brilliant and devious plan.

He walked onto the tour bus and asked where they were from.  After a little chit-chat, he said, “Can I ask a small favor of you?  I have a friend who has a weekend pass from the mental institute.  His problem is that he thinks he’s Hubert Humphrey!  Matter of fact, he does look a bit like Humphrey.  But, he’s harmless, and I was wondering if I could bring him on the bus, and you could pretend he really is Hubert Humphrey.”

The people on the tour bus agreed to the plan.

When Humphrey returned to the car, his friend said, “Hey, Hube!  As you were going inside, this tour bus pulled up, and they recognized you.  They’re asking me if they can meet you.  Would you mind going on the tour bus and greeting them?”

No problem.  Humphrey hopped into the tour bus and went down the aisle, shaking hands and introducing himself.

When he got back in the car, his friend asked him how it went.  Humphrey had a puzzled look on his face.  “It was the oddest thing,” he said, “every time I shook their hand and told them my name, they giggled.”


The people on the tour bus shook hands with one of the most famous citizens of their state.  They saw him, but they didn’t see him.


Jesus encountered the same thing.  Who was this man?  To the religious leaders, who saw him as a threat to their authority, he was demon possessed. Herod Antipas was haunted by a guilty conscience after he executed a holy man, John the Baptist.  When he heard of Jesus, he said, “John the Baptist, whose head I cut off, has come back from the dead.”  Others thought they were seeing a lunatic, a prophet, an imposter.

Everyone could see Jesus, but not everyone  could see him.


“Yeah, but how do we know we’re not the ones who are deceived?”

Good question.

When skeptics objected to Jesus’ true identity, he pointed them to the truth.  When the religious authorities confronted him about his identity, he pointed them to the Scriptures.  When his compassion was questioned by an untouchable leper, he touched him (and healed him).  Jesus does not shrink from honest questions; he invites them.

We are bombarded by lies and deception.  Jesus cuts through the fog, and sets before us the light of truth.  Don’t be afraid to follow the evidence to see where it leads.

(copyright by and by Marty Kaarre)