Breathing Holes…by Marty Kaarre


Marty’s book has arrived and is available for purchase! $19.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling equals a grand total of $24.90 and gets you a signed copy of this entertaining and uplifting collection of stories. Please send a check to:

Marty Kaarre
12676 Pinkham Creek Road
Rexford, Montana 59930

Since this website is under construction we will include an online way to order in the future. We will let you know when that happens, so keep coming back!

6 thoughts on “Breathing Holes…by Marty Kaarre”

  1. ok,ok… I left a comment, but, not sure if it made it to you! I walked away to check on the dogs, came back, and what I said/requested was gone. I would like a copy of your book. My daughter-in-law, Ronda Spiroff, sent me this book for Christmas last year. I want to share, but I don’t want to give mine away. Please let me know when I can purchase a copy. thank you, Ann Swatz

    1. Whoa…we just got this and a book was mailed to your friend today. We got your letter a few days ago. This is eerily weird, since you wrote this a couple of weeks ago. Tell Ronda hello…I miss her. She is a gem.

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