Do You Know Who You Are?

Story of the Day for Wednesday February 29, 2012

Do You Know Who You Are?

                Be subject to God, but resist the devil, and he will run away from you. 

                                      James 4:7

Back in 1914, when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn, rookie Ed Appleton was pitching against the St. Louis Cardinals. The score was tied, 4-4, in the seventh inning, with a man on third base.

The Cardinals manager, Miller Huggins, was coaching at third base. “Hey!” he shouted to Appleton, “let me see that ball.”

Appleton was, apparently, raised to be polite and respectful. He turned to the Cardinals manager and tossed him the ball. But Huggins sidestepped the ball and watched it roll into foul territory.

The ball was in play!

The runner scored and the Cardinals went on to win the game.


Do you ever read your horoscope? Yeah, sometimes – but just out of idle curiosity, right? But when we allow superstition or bogus astrological forecasts to taint our behavior, we’re bowing to a false authority. The devil has pulled a “Miller Huggins” on us.

The same goes for doing what we know is flat-out wrong. Sometimes we feel powerless before temptation. We’re victims – powerless before the authority of evil. Prison convicts commonly describe, say, a stabbing as if the knife was the active agent and they just had the misfortune to be holding onto it.


The devil is sly. But here’s the point: he has no power or authority over you. When you resist him, the Bible says, he will flee. Don’t toss him the ball.

It’s vital to know that when we cave in to the false authority of the deceiver, we can always find forgiveness in the Lord. But it’s also essential to know who we are. The devil has no authority over us; we have authority over him.


A former governor of Massachusetts, Christian Herter, arrived late for a barbeque. As the story goes, he’d had no breakfast or lunch, and was famished. As he moved down the serving line, he held out his plate and was given one piece of chicken.

The governor asked the serving lady, “Excuse me, do you mind if I have another piece? I’m very hungry.”

“Sorry. I’m only supposed to give one piece to each person.”

Governor Herter again explained that he was starving.

“Only one to a customer.”

The governor was a modest man, but was so hungry he decided to put the weight of his office behind his plea. “Ma’am, do you know who I am? I’m the state governor.”

The woman shot back, “And do you know who I am? I’m the lady in charge of the chicken. Now move along!”

Don’t you love a person who knows who they are?

                                                    (copyright by and by Marty Kaarre)

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